July 14, 2024
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Join the Groove: The Verve Jazz Ensemble’s Bold and Inventive Sound

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Sourced Photo

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For over a decade, The Verve Jazz Ensemble has been delighting jazz enthusiasts with their inventive and talented performances that evoke the timeless quality of this genre. Under the leadership of drummer Josh Feldstein, the VJE has earned critical acclaim and audience admiration, regularly securing top spots on the JazzWeek radio chart.

The Verve Jazz Ensemble stands out for its unique talent of infusing classic jazz pieces with fresh melodies and syncopations. In addition, they draw inspiration from the hard bop era of the 1950s and 60s, which is reflected in their compositions, arrangements, and performances. As a result, their music appeals to a wide range of jazz purists.

Feldstein is joined by Tatum Greenblatt on trumpet, Willie Applewhite on trombone, Alexa Tarantino on alto saxophone and flute, Jon Blanck on tenor saxophone, Matt Oestreicher on piano and guitar, Elias Bailey on bass. He shared part of the band’s mission is to expand the audience of classic instrumental jazz, to identify melodies that pop audiences can easily relate and groove to.  

Their first album, “It’s About Time,” was released in 2012, and the band has since launched seven additional albums, including their latest release, “All In.” The album showcases the band’s gleeful exploration of “Mid-20th century Americana,” which includes eight arrangements of classic and lesser-known compositions in addition to two original pieces. 

Verve Jazz Ensemble’s musicianship and skill are evident in their performances, and they’ve gained recognition on music charts, demonstrating their appeal to diverse listeners. Find their music on their website or Facebook. Their latest album, “All In,” is available for CD purchase or download on May 26, 2023.

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