July 20, 2024
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Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Law Firm

Finding the right law firm to handle your legal issues is an essential but challenging process. It is an important decision and should be handled with the same care and due diligence as hiring any other professional. Always select your law firm wisely. 

Before you settle on just any law firm, it’s best to do in-depth research and make the right decision.

This article will outline some of the aspects you should consider when selecting an outstanding law firm, such as JT Law Firm, one of the best law firms in New York. 

Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing the best law firm:

1.      Areas of Specialization

Different law firms focus on different areas of the law. Some law firms may have attorneys that practice across different disciplines, while other law firms focus on one area of law in particular.

A lot of law firms advertise that they practice a wide array of legal services. If a law firm claims to practice many different areas of the law, you have to make sure they are staffed with attorneys who are familiar and knowledgeable in those areas. JT Law Firm is one of the best law firms. JT Law Firm has multiple lawyers with years of experience in their practice areas. These practice areas include Property Damage, Immigration Law, Personal Injury, and Criminal Defense.

2.      Experience

Being represented by experienced attorneys drastically improves your chances to win your case. Therefore, choosing an attorney who has worked on similar issues before is crucial.

By performing your own research, you can get the right information on whether an attorney’s experience matches your legal needs.

The attorneys at JT Law Firm – Monica Balyasny and John Tolley – have vast experience in handling cases in their practice areas. Their extensive legal background is highly regarded in their profession. Together, they work tirelessly to assist their clients by giving them the best representation possible.  

The attorneys at JT Law Firm have been recognized by their peers and different legal organizations as some of the best lawyers in America. Founding Partner, John Tolley, has been recognized by Super Lawyers, National Trial Lawyers, Lawyers of Distinction, National Order of the Barristers, and Premier Lawyers of America for his work and dedication in the areas of Insurance Law and Criminal Defense. Mr. Tolley has been recognized in the Top 1% of Insurance Coverage Lawyers and Top 40 Under 40 by Premier Lawyers of America.

JT Law Firm’s Partner and Co-Owner, Monica Balyasny has been recognized as a “Lawyer of Distinction” for her Excellence in Immigration Law. Moreover, Mrs. Balyasny also received a Client’s Choice Award from the organization “AVVO”.

It is clear to see from all of their recognition, that the Attorneys at JT Law Firm have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you in immigration, criminal, and civil matters.

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 3.      Location

With all of the different COVID regulations state-to-state, having a lawyer licensed in multiple jurisdictions is more important than ever. This ensures that your lawyer has a good understanding of the law that governs the state and can effectively represent you. In this new virtual world, it makes it easier for you to connect with your lawyer when you are in need of legal guidance.

JT Law Firm has attorneys who are licensed in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and a number of Federal Courts. Whether you are located in the State of New York, Florida, or New Jersey, you can be represented by one of the best civil law firms in the region – JT Law Firm P.A. 

4.      Cost and Billing Rate

Legal fees can be costly depending on the matter at hand. The cost is usually influenced by factors such as location, size of the firm, and the attorney’s experience.

Make sure you do your due diligence and research. Get a price quote before settling on a particular law firm. As a bonus, always ask for a full breakdown of future possible expenses to avoid hidden costs that may increase your bill at the end of the case.

JT Law Firm offers a free 30-minute consultation for their potential clients. Their dedicated attorneys will work with you to tailor your case according to your specific goals and budget.

5.      Availability

There is nothing worse than not being able to access your attorney when you need legal guidance. Always pay attention to how easy or difficult it is to access the attorneys or their staff.

Before signing up with a law firm, it is vital to know about their current workload. This will determine if they will be available to handle your case. Many large firms have so many cases that they cannot make you a priority. At JT Law Firm, every attorney is ready to make sure they provide the necessary time and attention to make sure your legal needs are met.To summarize, when you need guidance for your legal issues, you need a law firm that puts the client’s needs first. You need some of the best civil attorneys who are renowned professionally for their work ethic, experience, and ability to work in different legal capacities. JT Law Firm is your friend when it comes to meeting your legal needs. Their experience sets them apart from any other firm.

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