June 16, 2024
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Top Gun: Maverick makes box office history

The North American box office for Top Gun: Maverick has surpassed $700 million, making it one of only six films to reach that mark.

After adding $7.9 million between Friday and Monday to its total ticket sales of $701 million, the movie reclaimed the top spot on the Labor Day weekend box office charts. “Maverick” is, according to Paramount, the only movie that has ever topped the US box office for both the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays.

Following its 15-week run, the follow-up to Tom Cruise’s 1986 smash has surpassed Marvel’s titanic “Black Panther” ($700.4 million) to become the fifth-highest-grossing film in American box office history. It’s impressive how “Top Gun 2” has consistently outperformed “Black Panther” worldwide and internationally. While Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s most recent trip brought in $740 million abroad and $1.44 billion globally, T’Challa’s super-heroic journey came to an end with $674 million abroad and $1.347 billion globally.

Top Gun: Maverick’s quick rise to No. 5 on the box office charts appears to come to an end for the time being because “Avatar,” with $760 million in North American box office receipts, is the next highest-grossing film (and its upcoming re-release in September will increase those grosses even further).

Top Gun: Maverick now holds the 11th-largest box office position worldwide, although it is quickly closing the gap to 11th place, which is currently held by Disney’s “Frozen II” with $1.450 billion.

Top Gun: Maverick has been a blessing in disguise for the country’s struggling theater owners. The sequel to “Top Gun” has continued to be a significant box office draw over the whole summer, unlike today’s blockbusters, which generate most of their earnings during opening weekend. Given that other tentpole like “Jurassic World Dominion” and “Thor: Love and Thunder” came and went in theaters, the movie’s perseverance is demonstrated by the fact that it spent 14 of its first 15 weeks in the top five on domestic box office rankings. In addition, the movie is still profitable in cinemas despite having premiered for home entertainment in late August.

Hollywood officials believe that the surprise success of Paramount and Skydance’s action-packed sequel indicates that both young and elderly moviegoers will visit theaters to see a film without superheroes as long as an engaging narrative is conveyed. Of course, thrilling airborne stunts performed by the resident daredevil in the entertainment sector don’t hurt, either. However, given the 36 years between the original and Cruise’s return to the pilot’s seat, “Maverick’s” success was far from guaranteed.

Since its $160.5 million opening on Memorial Day weekend, Top Gun: Maverick has established numerous box office records. It was also Cruise’s first film to gross more than $100 million in a single weekend and crossed $1 billion in global ticket sales.

Top Gun: Maverick is a breathe of fresh air

For restoring the theater business, Cruise is being fairly compensated. The master of stunts is anticipated to make at least $100 million from ticket sales, his pay, home entertainment rental revenue, and streaming revenue by the time “Maverick” leaves cinemas and airs on Paramount Plus.

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The story of Top Gun: Maverick, which Joseph Kosinski directed, revolves around the exploits of Tom Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell as he trains a new team of pilots for a key attack mission while also experiencing a yearning for speed. Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Connelly, and Val Kilmer can be seen on the screen.



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