July 13, 2024
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Why Anastasiia Diachenko’s Acne Treatment Method is considered the best In Europe

Anastasiia Diachenko
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According to statistics, acne is diagnosed in 9.4% of the population of the people on the planet annually. Acne causes severe discomfort. Firstly, the pimples themselves are not very beautiful. Secondly, acne indicates that the person is not healthy. And when troubles are reported from a person’s own face – it is a serious blow to the psyche.

In addition, acne is not easy to cope with. Many beauticians have failed to fight acne. But not Anastasiia Diachenko.

Who is Anastasiia Diachenko

Graduated skin care specialist and head of the School of Aesthetic Education, Anastasia Diachenko, has been dealing with acne issues for many years. She is the author of a unique methodology, which has consistently demonstrated excellent long-term results since 2017.

According to the annual report, 86 to 99% of people who came to Anastasiia Diachenko for help reported her as an extraordinary specialist, and her acne program is considered the best in Europe.

How Anastasiia Diachenko helps to fight acne

The Diachenko’s method is based on an individual approach to the skin of each client. The esthetician categorically does not accept the application of the same algorithms to different people in solving the problem of acne.

“What has benefited in one case, can harm another. You can not start working with acne, without knowing the history of each specific skin, without understanding human genetics and epigenetics”, said Anastasiia Diachenko, stressing that it is in heredity that you should look for the causes of acne.

How Diachenko’s method was adopted in the USA

In 2019, Anastasiia Diachenko moved to New York City. There, she proved the effectiveness of her method to the special commission and immediately confirmed the Ukrainian diploma of esthetician.

In fact, this is also a unique case, because the US is usually skeptical about the educational certificates obtained in other countries.

However, despite the obvious positives, there were many critics among American estheticians who questioned Diachenko’s method. However, when the number of satisfied customers in the first year exceeded over a thousand, they had to admit: the unique technique of fighting acne Anastasiia Diachenko does work like a miracle.

“Astonishing results of my work, which all can be seen on the faces of my clients, have made old-fashioned aesthetes bite their tongues,” Anastasiia Diachenko laughs.

Where can you learn “Diachenko method”

In addition to a personal skin care studio on Broadway, Anastasiia Diachenko runs her own School of Aesthetic Education. It is there that she teaches the course based on her own exclusive methodology.

The expert also wrote a book “Unique cosmetology from Anastasiia Diachenko,” which details how to work with acne. This manual was created by a Ukrainian specialist, especially for American colleagues, with whom she is ready to share her best practices and observations.

“I want us to work together to help women preserve their natural beauty, thus restoring their self-confidence, their attractiveness and sexuality,” Anastasiia Diachenko emphasizes.

According to reviewers, the book “Unique skin care by Anastasiia Diachenko” will make a coup in the consciousness of estheticians of the United States and subsequently will receive the status of “mandatory to study.”

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