April 17, 2024
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Why Olamidotun Oluwagbohun, aka Dotun, Is a Top-of-Mind Choice in Digital and Agile Transformation

With a vast experience in the Information Technology space spanning over two decades, Olamidotun Oluwagbohun, also known as Dotun, is truly an authority in his industry. Holding various positions over the years, including managerial positions, IT consultancy, project manager, scrum master, program manager, agile coach, and SAFE 5 Program Consultant (SPC), the powerhouse understands what it takes to thrive in the IT landscape. Backed by experience and expertise, Dotun strives to help individuals, businesses, and organizations actualize their visions and corporate goals, providing them with a blueprint that allows them to propel their momentum towards digital and agile transformation.

Dotun has continually fueled his passion for empowering others through the years. He has coached thousands of individuals and worked as a consultant for many organizations, helping them achieve unrivaled results with competent solutions and an innovative approach to IT. A member in good standing of the Project Management Institute, Scrum Alliance, and Scaled Agile, as well as an alumnus of Kanban University, Dotun has constantly exceeded expectations in guiding his clients to turn their dreams into reality. 

Dotun currently serves with a team of seasoned professionals at Sovereign Light Technologies. Passionate about delivering meaningful change for his clients, both individuals and corporations, he ensures that his clients receive above-average services to set the bar higher for other professionals in the IT scene. Sovereign Light Technologies offers training, coaching, consulting, and solution provisioning services, positioning itself as the leading agile transformation group with a creative and empathetic edge. The company stays committed to ensuring its clients fulfill their dreams, aspirations, and visions. 

Together with his team, Dotun provides groundbreaking ideas and merges them with effective agility tools. By providing insightful and practical solutions to individuals and companies, the visionary and his team can uplift individuals and organizations to greater heights. Over the years, Dotun and his team have helped their clients generate up to ten times more in revenue by re-engineering their processes to increase production speed and delivery of their products and services. 

“Innovation, consistency, transparency, focus, and results have led us to create service offerings over and beyond agile training, resume, and interview preparations elevating us to launch the 18 Agile and Team Collaborative Working Tools Mastermind Program designed to train, coach, and provide for an unlimited time a simulated corporate world agile experience for aspiring or practicing scrum masters, product owners, agile coaches, agile enthusiasts, or practitioners,” said Dotun. “The end goal is for participants to build knowledge, competency, experience working in teams, confidence to face interviews or perform excellently on the job, and gain unrestricted access to 18 Agile and Team Collaborative Tools,” he explained further, 

Asked what motivated him to take such a path, Dotun shared that he had the drive to be a small part of the big success stories of the individuals and corporations he serves with his team with competency and empathetic edge. Truly, with his innovative efforts to achieve digital and agile transformation, Dotun will continue to be a part of the many success stories his clients will tell in the future.  

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