June 16, 2024
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Doing SEO before it was even a thing – Meet Digital Marketing expert Michael Borgelt

Organic growth is what most entrepreneurs and CEOs aim for – it is what drives them to do their best and achieve their goals. This is why many companies hire an expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategist. It is a unique marketing strategy that helps a business rank high on various search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This strategy not only funnels more sales but also helps the company become popular among its targeted audience. To put it in simple words, SEO is an organic marketing strategy that holds a prominent position in the digital world and requires unique skills with a creative mindset.

While SEO can be a really useful tool in any business, many CEOs lack in-depth knowledge about it, which can then reflect on their hiring process. To understand the world of SEO and help you identify the right fit for your company, we asked Michael Borgelt, an expert SEO and digital marketing agency owner, to share some insights.

A computer science graduate with intensive business marketing knowledge, Michael Borgelt is an SEO specialist. The expert founded his marketing agency back in 2009, following his true passion for SEO. It all started when he helped rank a website #1 on Google for the term ‘mortgage.’ There he learned about the importance of selecting the correct keyword, and since then, there has been no looking back for this digital marketing expert. So, it won’t be wrong to say that Digital Marketing expert Michael Borgelt was doing SEO before it was even a thing. 

Talking about his white-label company 51Blocks, Michael shares, “Almost 13 years ago, digital marketing was developing a rhythm, and my expertise was able to help many companies in their transition periods toward digital marketing.” 

As for what inspired Michael to pursue search engine optimization as well as become an entrepreneur, the SEO expert reveals, “As far as SEO is concerned, it’s a perfect mix between my computer science and marketing background, and I love both, so it’s a great fit.”

When it comes to what keeps him going, the dynamic entrepreneur says, “I have a mind that doesn’t stop thinking about different things, so I am constantly wondering how things work, how to improve them, and most importantly, how businesses make money. It is my constant curious nature that keeps me motivated.”

It is no secret that evaluating your SEO needs is of utmost importance for the growth of your business. Search engine optimization is a creative task and requires dedication. This is where you need to consult an SEO expert who can help you out. Michael Borgelt believes that many SEO professionals can have strong tactical skills, but most of them lack developing strategy. However, he stresses the fact there should always be a fair salary package in every sector of the company. He adds, “Many people hire SEO experts on salary variables based on a KPI, which is a huge mistake. This will lead towards the wrong incentives and not help in prioritizing your SEO efforts. It always causes long-term, far-reaching, negative impacts.”

According to Michael Borgelt, SEO is a complex field with many branches. For SEO optimization, the client needs to mention their plans for the future or whether they are looking to launch a new site or they are planning to grow their content and organic visibility. “The idea behind establishing my white label digital marketing company 51Blocks was to educate people about SEO since a lot of people didn’t understand what it was and how it worked,” he explains why he felt the need to launch his company. “I felt like it’s the last even playing ground for marketing for small businesses to compete against the bigger businesses with bigger budgets,” he adds.

On a parting note, Michael Borgelt shares, “If you ask me what I have learned from my experiences so far, I will say that all I do is learn and continue to learn. It requires a lot of patience, sheer devotion and hard work to achieve your goals. Having said that, you have to have the incredible mental strength to keep on moving ahead. I have learned that the ups and downs you go through are something that no one ever talks about. So, all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there, be ready for the biggest rollercoaster ride of your life. I have found that the highs are never as high as the lows.”

One thing is sure that Michael has managed to build a trustworthy name in the digital world. In fact, 51Blocks has helped 100s of agencies and 1000s of clients, including Burger King, Old Navy, American Express, and Microsoft, gain their desired SEO results. Indeed, Michael Borgelt’s great approach and remarkable success have made his brand quite popular with consumers and white-label agencies.

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