July 13, 2024
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Dugan Reilly Spearheads “Value Call” to Help People with Chronic Illnesses Turn Their Dream Life Into a Reality

A person’s survival story is the best proof that things will eventually turn around when the going gets tough. The impact of these stories is often life-changing, giving others their needed hope and motivation to keep moving forward. Entrepreneur Dugan Reilly has a survival story himself, and at present, he collects survival stories of others as he spearheads “value call” sessions, where he engages with people in similar situations looking to survive and live their life to the best of their abilities. 

Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at only five months old, Dugan Reilly has since made it his mission to help others in similar situations as him. The extraordinary entrepreneur has dedicated his time and resources to helping people with chronic illnesses turn their dream life into reality. Despite his illnesses and the mental health strains that came with it, Dugan managed to bring his dream reality to life with the right support system, mindset, and motivation. His success in this aspect fueled his mission to help others achieve the same.

Fortunately for Dugan Reilly, he is blessed with a deep understanding of what others have to endure when it comes to chronic illnesses, mental health challenges, and more. “I know how hard it is to be stuck in a situation. You want to get out of it but don’t know how. That is where I come into play as a mentor helping them to achieve their dream reality,” he explains. 

Through what Dugan Reilly refers to as “value calls,” he lends a listening ear and a helping hand to those struggling on their terms. “I want them to realize they are not alone. I have been in the same situation as them,” he shares. Ultimately, the call sessions are meant to help clients remove the biggest obstacles that may be stopping them from achieving their dream reality today. 

Dugan Reilly focuses the calls on the importance of possessing the right mindset in their day-to-day lives. “Mindset and motivation are a huge part of how people become successful,” says the rising entrepreneur. Dugan believes that by having the right mindset, they can live their dream life despite the reality of living with chronic illnesses. He believes this because he has done this for himself, and he has witnessed how this endeavor has allowed him to live his dream life.

Today, Dugan Reilly hopes to continue inspiring others to live their dream life on their terms. Before the year ends, he hopes to contribute most of his earnings to organizations working to find treatments and cures for chronic illnesses. Moreover, he has greater plans for his recent initiative. He hopes to create more extensive programs geared towards changing people’s lives and successfully bringing them to their goals and dreams in no time. Finally, he also has his eyes set on establishing an exclusive community and network of like-minded people who each have their own success stories to tell. 

Learn more about Dugan Reilly and his services by visiting his official website.

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