July 21, 2024
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Jacob Korenblum on How to Develop a More Efficient (and Effective) Enterprise Digital Strategy

Jacob Korenblum on How to Develop a More Efficient (and Effective) Enterprise Digital Strategy

An efficient enterprise digital strategy can help your business take advantage of the modern technologies needed to automate processes, increase your operational agility and flexibility, and improve customer experiences. Effective digital transformation can also help employees improve productivity and provide the support your business needs to adapt and compete in today’s digital landscape. You put your company at risk of falling behind if you don’t have a digital transformation plan.

Creating a Successful Enterprise Digital Strategy

Jacob Korenblum, a respected leader in enterprise digital strategy, proposes that the first step to a well-crafted enterprise digital strategy is carefully planning and mapping out your vision for success. If you fail to establish and stick to a solid digital transformation plan, your efforts may ultimately do more harm than good. Some of the steps you can take to ensure that gain from upgrading your digital foothold include:

Establish Your Goals and Objectives

A digital transformation isn’t meant to intimidate employees and teams with new technology they don’t understand. Instead, your digital strategy should be a transformational journey of learning and implementing new ways of working together. Korenblum notes that one of the key ways to ensure you achieve this is to set clear objectives and goals for your digital campaign, those that give your digital efforts a clear sense of purpose, enable you to monitor progress, and ensure you’re on track for success.

Such goals and objectives may include:

  • Reducing software costs
  • Boosting employee productivity
  • Gaining a competitive edge
  • Increasing revenue
  • Optimizing collaboration

Setting the aims for your digital strategy can ensure that you cultivate leaders and teams who look for ways to solve your enterprise’s problems and understand the purpose of the digital strategy. Failure to establish clear objectives can lead to teams and departments still working in their own siloed bubbles, unaware of your goals and, ultimately, your digital strategy’s purpose

Choose a Leader to Own Your Digital Strategy

After establishing the objectives you want to achieve with your digital strategy, you need to choose a leader within your organization who understands your strategy’s long-term vision and keeps an eye on cutting-edge technologies. According to Korenblum, such a leader should have a clear understanding of your brand’s cultural dynamics and know-how, something essential for weaving your digital strategy into the business. Having a strong digital strategy leader for your organization can help centralize and mobilize your digitization efforts.

Establish a Customer-Focused Digital Strategy

Jacob Korenblum advises that customers will always show up where the best digital transformation initiatives are taking place. Putting customer needs first in your digital transformation strategy allows you to understand how customers use technology to compare, shop, and share. By developing customer-centric digital transformation strategies, you enhance your organization’s value to your clientele and uphold excellent customer service in your business.

Explore the Technology Landscape to Pin Down Your Strategy

Digital leaders should proactively research and investigate the technological landscape. This is key to shortlisting the technology and tech vendors that can make a positive impact on your business. According to Korenblum, there are so many potential tools available to enable your firm’s digital transformation, making it crucial to consider your business situation when building a digital strategy that best fits your enterprise.

Instead of getting distracted by shiny tools and digital solutions that may not be a good fit for your endeavor, select cutting-edge technology that will support your business transformation.  Consider cloud migration and modern integration platforms critical for your organization’s IT modernization and transformation strategy.

It Starts with Your Team

At the end of the day, says Korenblum, enterprise digital strategies start with people. Without the public’s willingness to participate, your digital efforts may not be effective and efficient. While digital transformation can be daunting, the more people that engage and invest in the digital strategy, the more successful your transition will be. Individuals managing digital transformations should always focus on strategies that are people-centric, the key to securing efficient and effective organizational change.


Published By: Aize Perez

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