Kimi Weintraub Becomes the First Person to Close a Deal in Clubhouse’s Pitch Tank

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was incomparable, and hardly any business sector was left unaffected. As the pandemic progressed, business owners struggled to keep their brick-and-mortar stores afloat and, as a result, many of them were inspired to start an e-commerce business to create an alternate stream of income. A prominent figure among those who sought to help in that process was Kimi Weintraub, an emerging entrepreneur, brand ambassador, commercial model, and full-time professional spokesmodel.

Kimi Weintraub is a modern renaissance woman and an e-commerce content creator who has created a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. At the start of the pandemic, Kimi, with her multiple connections and a full sense of business awareness, saw the need to help business owners scale their business online to reach a wider audience. She brought her brainchild to life and established a company specifically designed for business owners looking to sell tangible products on their e-commerce and social media platforms.

In a unique way, Kimi officially launched her company when she joined the new and exclusive digital arena, Clubhouse. Unknown to her at the time, the launch on the social media platform would skyrocket her business to a new level of dominance and expose her to potential customers and investors.

On January 20, 2021, Kimi Weintraub joined “Pitch Tank” on Clubhouse along with two thousand business owners hoping to pitch their ventures to potential investors. The “Pitch Tank” on Clubhouse imitates the format of ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” with the panel comprising of high-profile celebrities and multi-millionaires, including Kevin Harrington, Undercover Billionaire’s Grant Cardone, the founders of multi-billion-dollar companies such as Netflix, Tinder, and Twitch, and other highly influential investors and entrepreneurs.

As the session opened, Kimi was sixth in line to pitch and was able to hear the first five business owners try and convince the panel to invest with not much success. When it was her turn, Kimi made sure her one-minute pitch was golden. Her succinct, eloquent, and intriguing speech was so impressive that by the time she finished speaking, she had at least 5 “sharks” vying to partner with her in her e-commerce content creation company. Business executive and keynote speaker Kevin Harrington even hinted at wanting her as a spokesmodel for his company. 

This unprecedented but huge success made Kimi the first person to pitch a business and land a deal in the Pitch Tank on Clubhouse. Eventually, Kimi chose the perfect partner for her and accepted the offer of investor Akemi Sue Fisher, who is acclaimed as the “Amazon Queen” and has made over $2 billion in sales. Aside from her outstanding success, Akemi is one of the most trusted e-commerce brand consultants in the world, helping thousands of brands scale their sales on Amazon to immeasurable success. 

Since partnering with Akemi, Kimi has met with her to discuss the best way to merge and expand both of their businesses by taking full advantage of the already booming Amazon e-commerce company. As she looks to her future and partnership with excitement, Kimi hopes to inspire people to keep working towards their goals as dreams are attainable. In her words, “If you believe in yourself and truly put yourself out there, you cannot lose.”

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