July 13, 2024
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Nadeem Waheed shares how you can stylize your winters with Daniel’s Leather

Wearing fashionable outfits in fall and winter is tough since the aim is to look good and feel warm and, most importantly, not compromise on comfort. But this does not mean you skip the fashion trends of the season! 


While many names stand out in the fashion industry, Nadeem Waheed has a reputation for creating chic winter fashion looks. Nadeem is a famous leather and fur coat designer who has created spectacular designs for celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Cardi B, P Diddy, Ne-Yo, Fat Joe, and many others.


Though he is a known name in the fashion industry, his story as an entrepreneur and a fashion icon is one of a kind. A native of Pakistan, Nadeem Waheed arrived in the US in 1987 to study Masters in Environmental Engineering. After he completed his education, things took an interesting turn, and he found himself drifting towards entrepreneurship. In 1992, he started a business called ‘Leather Experts.’


During this time, Nadeem realized he had a unique fashion sense when it came to creating leather and fur coats; hence, in 1995, he decided to open up Daniel’s Leather. Since the store is located on the renowned Orchard Street, New York, Nadeem’s talent was soon noticed. The shop soon became the ‘it’ store for many New Yorkers, including celebrities searching for unique jackets and coats. 


Today, Daniel’s Leather specializes in custom-made leather, coats, and furs that meet the customer’s individual needs. This is why the striking designs are purchased by people from all walks of life. “My company’s goal is to rule the fashion world when it comes to the leather and fur business,” shares Nadeem Waheed. “I want to make sure that if anyone thinks about a photo shoot or a music video, my fabulous statement pieces are the only ones they want to use.”

If you want to look phenomenal in every outfit you wear this winter, here are some tips from Nadeem Waheed that you must follow. And yes, the only way to master the look is to stylize yourself with the one-of-a-kind assortment by Daniel’s Leather. Here’s how you can look like a vision, regardless of how cold it is! 


Match the boots

All coats and jackets can make you stand out when worn with a rocking pair of boots. This trend has existed for decades because of how chic it makes one look. For those who want to look classy, you can wear brown, black, or white jackets with boots of the same color. For those who want to funk it up, use the same tip for a colored jacket. The best part about boots is that they will keep you warm, and be of great help even during days it snows. 

Leggings may be your best friend

To look stylish during winter, pair your leather jacket with warm leggings. This way, you will feel warm even while showing off your super-toned legs. The color of the leggings you wear completely depends on the look you want to pull off. Just make sure the shade does not clash with the rest of your outfit. 

Don’t over-invest in shirts

The perfect shopping tip for winter is to spend your money on buying fashionable jackets and coats. This is crucial since the outerwear is the most visible to people and whatever you wear underneath serves as an accessory. A tip to stand out and save your finances is to opt for a regular t-shirt or a turtleneck under your spectacularly designed jackets. Classic black and white shirts are likely to go with every jacket you own. Of course, the comfy t-shirts and turtlenecks under leather jackets are timeless streetwear that will never go out of style.

Play around with colors 

Leather jackets and coats are available in different shades and colors that you can play around with to make a fashion statement. For instance, a bright red, cobalt blue, or yellow jacket is eye-catching and trendy at the same time. The perfect ensemble to make heads turn at a party! If bright colors aren’t your thing, you can even opt for hues such as gray, blue, emerald green, etc. According to Nadeem Waheed, ‘going bold’ is the best option if you want to be a trendsetter. 


A classic black jacket

Just like the little black dress never goes out of fashion, neither does a black fur coat or leather jacket. However, it is crucial that you experiment with the shoes, pants, shirt, or dress you pair the jacket with. You have the option of making your outfit super colorful too. When going to a party, the jacket can be worn with a golden/silver/copper dress or boots. And voila you are all set to flaunt in style.


By following these tips you can certainly look stylish and on-point throughout the chilly season and that is exactly what Daniel’s Leather pieces are all about!

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